Innovation Centers

OAA Innovation Centers

We are taking firm steps for the future of new generations.

OAA-IC (OAA Innovation Centers) is an initiative that establishes and implements innovation centers and technology development concepts.

While establishing innovation centers, it carries out operations from top to bottom on branding, institutionalization, technical infrastructure, concept, operation, curriculum creation, continuity and sustainability.

It creates the conditions that can contribute to the development of the society at the regional, national and global level by collaborating with educational institutions, private companies, R&D centers and NGOs in the region and serves with the principle of sustainability.




We organize sectoral programs on education, which is the basic requirement of innovation.



We provide consultancy services in all processes in the establishment, branding and institutionalization of innovation centers.



We conduct detailed analyzes and research on academic and practical issues in our centers.



We coordinate investor relations in order to implement the projects of individuals or startups trained in our centers. We support ideas that can create added value.



We build the branding processes of the innovation centers we will establish, set strategic goals for their institutionalization and expansion, and provide cultural and operational gains.


design and Projecting

We provide turnkey services from A to Z for centers to be established in the fields of design and architectural consultancy. We also provide support in the fields of production and digital media, from corporate identity studies to printed images.


Why are innovation centers important?

We support young people and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential!

We have identified entrepreneurs and institutions, especially young people, who want to develop and grow towards the future, who always aim forward and who want to move their technologies forward as the target audience.

Innovation and technology development centers are the only structures that require long-term investments, especially for the development of young people and the innovations they will bring to the society.

One of the most important issues of the future;

  • Software
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Robotic technologies
  • Space technologies
  • Vehicle and autonomous driving technologies
  • Sensor technologies
  • Solar and electric energy technologies

These are issues that are at the center of private sectors, countries and global entrepreneurs.

In this context; innovation centers play an important role in guiding our young people in the right direction and gaining professional competence in these areas where they need to be present.

You can follow the OAA-IC website to get more information, share your ideas and follow the developments.